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### Hi there 👋, My name is Quinn [(they/them/theirs)](https://pronouns.page/@Identithree)!
I'm a 17 year old trans person and write code to escape school. I mainly write in Node.js and Typescript however I try my hand at any and all languages (except ASM). I am pouring most of my time into a project I am working on called [Pluto](https://gitlab.com/saharacorp/pluto) and a game engine called [Tesseract](https://gitlab.com/saharacorp/tesseract). Pluto is a multipurpose discord bot that will combine multiple bots into one and has basically taken up all the time I would spend on Tesseract. You can find me on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/Identithree) and [Discord](https://discord.com/users/422415365742788618). You can also [email](mailto:hello@quinnlane.dev?subject=Forgejo%20-%20Hey%20%F0%9F%91%8B&body=Type%20your%20question%2C%20comment%2C%20cool%20pictures%20of%20cats%2C%20etc.%20here.%20You%20also%20might%20want%20to%20change%20the%20subject%20to%20better%20fit%20what%20this%20email%20is%20about.) me. Oh, I also made [a license](https://gitlab.com/Identithree/BGDCPL) you may not have heard about (don't use it in a serious manner or I will break your spine).